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Plastic Surgeon offers a helping hand

Plastic Surgeon offers a helping hand

As if times have not been tough enough for struggling businesses over the last couple of years, some are now facing potential ruin thanks to the rampaging gangs that have looted and destroyed their premises all over the country.  We at Plastic Surgeon would very much like these businessmen and women to know that they have our deepest sympathy.

The extent of the damage caused by these criminals as they ransacked businesses has shocked most people – but thanks to our experience of dealing with fire damage, as well as many other types of repair required around properties, we know in many cases things are not as bad as they may first appear.  In fact we believe we are genuinely able to help you get your business back on its feet quickly, by repairing rather than replacing damaged doors, windows and display units, as well as other substrates.

Indeed, insurance companies are increasingly using our services, for whom we carry out repairs in the retail, commercial, domestic and social housing sectors, as well as for the house building and leisure industries.

The scope of our services is pretty impressive.  Our finishers can polish out scratches and chips in glass doors and windows; enamel baths, basins, sinks and toilets.  We can repair dents, gouges and scratches in worktops manufactured from wood, steel, granite, marble and PVC or composite materials.  We can put right damage done to flooring manufactured from the above materials, as well as walls, ceramic, stone and vinyl tiles, and even cladding panels, window cills and their surrounds.

Also on a positive note, while ‘youths’ have borne much of the blame for the troubles, two architecture students have launched their own scheme to help businesses and homeowners find construction professionals to rebuild their properties damaged by the looters.  “Riot Rebuild”, which has been launched on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, aims to help people who need assistance either with immediate rebuilding work or with architecture and planning services.

Co-founder Nick Varey said: “We have a list of professionals and trades-people willing to provide their expertise and give real help free of charge to help rebuilding projects move swiftly in the right direction.

“This could be anything from getting a handyman to repair a bench outside a shop to giving advice on planning issues.”

“Following the cleanup comes the rebuild”, said co-founder Lee Wilshire.  “This will be a longer, slower, more painful process and far harder for businesses and residents to get back on their feet as they struggle amongst other things with slow insurance pay-outs. I want this initiative to be a place to start the rebuild, linking destruction with repair and reconstruction, linking problems with the people who can solve them.”

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