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Plastic Surgeon on hunt for new blood

Plastic Surgeon on hunt for new blood

As regular followers of our blog and news pages will know, Plastic Surgeon has been doing very well – in fact, we have not only grown the business, but saved our clients a fortune by repairing rather than replacing their damaged doors, windows, cills and baths, basins, sinks and kitchen worktops. Which is why we want more feet on the ground.

Our repair work for housebuilders, contractors, homeowners and facilities managers, as well as those involved with social housing, leisure and retail industries, has led to our sales increasing this year: perhaps proving good news does travel fast, as our client base is growing steadily as people come to realize how much money, time and hassle we can save them through our repair expertise.

And so, therefore, we have been recruiting new repair technicians across the UK – partly through the launch of our new recruitment video, while this drive will extend into next year.  Which, when you read all the latest unemployment statistics, or respected institutions such as the Bank of England predicting sluggish economic growth for the next couple of years, has to be good news for the industry as a whole?

Indeed, the BEEB and its reporters, cannot seem to see any silver lining in the clouds overhead.  But this blogger has spoken to many in the construction industry who are beginning to see recovery in the sector, albeit a steady improvement. We would therefore urge those still finding things tough, having to tender competitively, when you are being pushed down on price all the time as commodity costs are rising, to consider factoring Plastic Surgeon into your business model.

We can help you work more economically while cutting waste and reducing your carbon footprint, which helps our customers become more successful themselves.

So, we at Plastic Surgeon are delighted to announce repair technician vacancies available to those desperately seeking employment, whether you are an experienced tradesman or not.  We will consider hard-working, enthusiastic people from all walks of life, to come and be trained to work for us, with openings in all our regions across the country.

Our recruitment video can be watched here – where you can get a taste of what we do at Plastic Surgeon.  The pay is good, plus we operate a bonus system.  The training and support we give is second to none, and it is rare any two days on the road are the same.

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