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Plastic Surgeon says help the aged

Plastic Surgeon says help the aged

Whatever town, city or village you live in, you can be pretty sure that it will contain at least one building that needs some TLC through repair and renovation; and with our unique repair service for all types of building components, Plastic Surgeon is poised to help.

Indeed, in my hometown, there is a beautiful Victorian house, nestled back from a main road, which looks as though it has never seen a repair in its entire life. Dilapidated, with frost damaged brickwork and rotting windows, the stonework features around the façade are gradually crumbling away to dust.

I expect one day to pass this property, and all I will find will be air and rubble, as it will finally breathe a last sigh as it caves into gravity. All for the lack of repair and maintenance over its sad existence.

These neglected buildings come in hundreds of different forms: abandoned follies, ruined churches or deserted terraces of workers cottages. But they all have one thing in common: potential, which we at Plastic Surgeon could help realize.

Simply, we could help refurbish these buildings. We can repair and reface bricks or stone façades; we can repair timber doors, kitchen work surfaces, units, chipped tiles and basins, toilets and baths.

For the heritage sector, there’s no real way of knowing exactly how many of these places exist. But the charity SAVE, which works to preserve Britain’s historic buildings, has 1,300 properties on its books, with another 100 being added every year.

Despite the economic downturn, there are apparently plenty of people still prepared to put their money into following their renovation dream. Indeed, Rhiannon Tracy, SAVE’S ‘buildings at risk officer,’ says that preserving these old buildings is one way to give the economy a kick-start.

“Our heritage is a finite resource: once a building’s gone, it’s gone,” she says. “It’s one of Britain’s most important attributes. We’re known globally for our buildings, and by adding to the appeal of the landscape they can help local economies, as well as adding billions to the national economy.”

Our Finishers are well placed across the country to help restore these old buildings for future generations to enjoy. We are frequently called upon to repair ancient stone mullions and fireplaces, which we build up on and then colour match to the original patina.

Indeed, we can even undertake repair work to quite intricate substrates such as marble and granite; our Finishers will use the finest of sable brushes to replicate the veins in the rock, or the subtly coloured quartz in granite; turning artist to painstakingly copy the grain in heritage timber doors and windows.

We can fill, sand down and match the various shades of white to be found in antique roll top baths and period sanitaryware. We can polish out that scratch in that Crown glass, Georgian sash window, thus preserving that lovely visual distortion you get with old glazing.

We can copy those missing mosaic tiles to be found in grand entrance halls, or repair columns, wood paneling and plaster detailing.

As well as working on heritage buildings, we could also bring back into use the nearly one million homes standing empty, in an era of massive housing shortage, at a fraction of the cost of replacement; and with the repair work we do nearly always being carried out in situ, there is minimal disruption or mess.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;

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