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Plastic Surgeon’s 5-star service for hotels and ships

Plastic Surgeon’s 5-star service for hotels and ships

For a lot of people taking a cruise or affording themselves a stay in some 5-star country house hotel, they go expecting to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle encompassing fine dining, sports, spa treatments and other activities which will make them feel pampered. But the whole experience can be ruined if their surroundings, especially their rooms, aren’t up to scratch – which is why managers (both on dry land and aboard luxury liners) are increasingly calling on our cosmetic repair services.

Plastic Surgeon has developed a wide variety of repair techniques able to make good virtually any building substrate from natural stone and timber to modern laminates and even glass. But crucially our highly trained Finishers combine their practical skills with the ability to work flexibly in order to address any client’s needs.

This is why we have contracts with some of the biggest hotel chains in the country, and teams of our Finishers regularly set sail on cruise ships in order to repair damage in cabins or around the public areas, without causing any disturbance to the paying customers wanting to make the most of their holidays.

The cruise ship’s manager has a list of the minor repairs that need to be carried out to cabins, suites or state rooms and arranges with the passengers a time slot of two or maybe three hours when the Finishers, accompanied by a steward can have access. So while some well-heeled lady is enjoying a full facial with skin peel, or a tanning session in the beauty parlour, Plastic Surgeon’s boys will be filling, rubbing down and colour matching the chips and scratches that inevitably happen to bedside lockers, wardrobe doors and baths or shower trays.

And when everyone goes to bed while the ship sails towards its next idyllic destination, our Finishers turn their attention to the bar area or the spa pools on deck which also routinely require attention to keep them looking their best.

While the logistics are often less onerous when working within hotels ashore, the range of potential tasks actually expands as you move from a floating steel vessel to often quite elderly building structures.

This was the case when one of UK’s biggest motel chains took over an old hotel on the sea front of a south coast resort and discovered that the short stone pillars forming a roof top balustrade had suffered severe erosion due to the salt air. Three of our Finishers succeeded, however, in rebuilding the tapering curved profiles and getting the whole balustrade stabilized as well as looking in top notch condition.

Meanwhile at one of the country’s top golfing hotels, our Finishers repaired column casings around the dining room, damaged by trolleys and furniture being moved. And in a brand new spa hotel further along the coast, two of our Finishers worked overnight to polish some deep scratches out of the glass balustrade on the main staircase, caused by a careless sub-contractor as the official opening date neared.

The paying public nowadays expect the highest standards wherever they go on holiday, and our special skillset at Plastic Surgeon can help hotel managers ensure that any cosmetic repairs required around the venue are carried our seamlessly: both in appearance and execution.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;


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