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Plastic Surgeon’s social side

Plastic Surgeon’s social side

While Plastic Surgeon’s 100 plus Finishers were hard at work last Wednesday – repairing the normal selection of scratched, cracked and dented building components – our Managing Director, Rob Mouser, was heading for London on a very unusual mission.

Now Rob is no stranger to top level meetings with construction managers and executives from the UK’s big insurance companies, but in this instance he had been invited to lecture a group of high flying businessmen; not on the merits of cosmetic repair, but regarding social networking media to promote their own companies.

Matrix – a blue chip financial investment company based in the capital – holds regular get-togethers of what it terms the alumni and booked the Soho Hotel as the ‘boutique’ venue boasts its own cinema. The idea being for the CEO’s of the businesses in which Matrix has an interest can exchange ideas and benefit from each other’s successes.

And that is why Rob Mouser was on his feet giving a 15 minute presentation about Tweeting, Blogging, Facebook and, of course, YouTube.

Obviously those of you reading this are aware that Plastic Surgeon puts out a weekly blog, and sometimes two, but may not know that our company’s marketing team actually make full use of the networking opportunities out there on the web and via the phone networks. For as far back as a couple of years ago, we committed resources to building Plastic Surgeon’s profile outside of the trade press’s traditional printed media.

So whether it is our Finishers rising to some special practical challenge, or Plastic Surgeon picking up an award for the environmentally responsible aspects of its service, we can let people know about it almost instantly in a variety of ways.

Our recent activity on Twitter included the discussion of phishing scams hacking into people’s accounts, and the fact that we have been shortlisted for a Construction News specialist award.

Our LinkedIn company profile and Facebook page, meanwhile, are full of information on what we do – case studies about how we repaired bricks on the Olympic site; the revival of a wooden floor, and work we have done for the Royal Navy – while there are loads of photos of before and after images of the repairs we have undertaken to a variety of materials including baths, doors, masonry and sinks.

We have also been converted to YouTube, the video-sharing website, which is a really useful way to demonstrate our Finishers in action, actually doing repair work; plus we have even embraced YouTube for our latest recruitment drive by putting together a new video, so that potential employees can get a better idea of what we are about.

But our oldest ‘activity’ is, of course, blogging, which we have been doing for a while now – this social media tool having become a widely accepted activity by the construction industry for disseminating information about their businesses.

For many – especially the older generation – blogging is perhaps more accessible than the other types of social networking tools, but we at Plastic Surgeon like to think we are at the forefront of technology by embracing every aspect of it – our award winning VisibilITy software being a fine example of this. 

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