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Rain stops play? Not for Plastic Surgeon …..

Rain stops play? Not for Plastic Surgeon …..

According to that bastion of Truth and Accuracy Wikipedia, “’April showers’ is a term that denotes spring rains in some parts of the northern hemisphere, in particular the UK, during the month of April.  One of the major causes of the often-heavy downpours is the position of the jet stream.  In one day the weather can change from springtime sunshine to winter sleet and snow.”

Well, one wonders why the term even needs to be written down for Britons to understand, while the construction industry must find it laughable: most builders, carpenters and general tradesmen are used to looking upwards before starting a job, for fear the task they are about to undertake will get ruined by a sharp downpour.  Or when a deluge does occur, they rush to pull tarpaulins over their newly laid screed, blockwork or painted wall, then sup ‘builders’ tea’ (white, five teaspoons of sugar) while waiting for it to stop.

But for Plastic Surgeon, inclement weather isn’t really a problem.  The company has accepted the vagaries of the English climate and, instead of looking to it as an excuse for an extra tea break, its Finishers have found a way of continuing to work – come rain, ice, snow or hail.

For example, Plastic Surgeon’s latest innovation can be seen in its stone repair system, which involves two stages.  In part one of the process, our Finishers use a specially developed filler which results in yielding better adhesion, but significantly, it can be used in wet conditions, on wet as well as damp stones.  Thus meaning that work can continue, even in the worst of British weather, to ensure that Plastic Surgeon meets its clients’ deadlines and at the same time, avoid expensive delays.

Add to that, each and every van belonging to Plastic Surgeon is stocked with a tarpaulin or two, just to ensure that our Finishers can cover themselves and their repair while working.  No dashing for cover, because customer satisfaction and reliability is our raison d’être – we will do our utmost to complete a repair, even in the middle of an April shower.

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