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A Record Breaking 12 months

From our expanding recruitment to stand out national deals, the last twelve months have been record breaking for Plastic Surgeon.

A Record Breaking 12 months

A Record Breaking 12 months

The past 12 months have been an excellent period for Plastic Surgeon with record breaking stats across the business.

As an organisation, we’ve encountered 20% year on year growth, which has seen our workforce grow exponentially. During the past year, we welcomed more than 60 new finishers into our ranks serving to strengthen our capabilities across the UK and allowing us to take on more and more projects, as we work with an increasing number of businesses to deliver expert surface repair.

Permanent resource in every region

We’re the only repair firm who can boast a permanent presence in every region of the UK, having recently installed permanent resource in Northern Ireland as well as maintaining a specific Scotland division. Our nationwide operation and our propensity of finishers means we can call on multiple specialists to attend to projects as and when needed, bringing in additional resource depending on the size of the job at hand and specific client requirements.

A quarter of a million hours’ worth of work

To give you an indication of the scale of our repair work, in the last financial year our finishers have completed more than a quarter of a million hours’ worth of work, which has resulted in the repair of 135,445 individual items. The number of repairs has directly contributed to our record breaking landfill savings, which also saw a 17% increase during that period. Sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach is at the heart of what we do, and one of the central benefits for the companies who utilise our services thanks to the contribution to their own corporate social responsibility targets.

In sector specific success, our stock within the housebuild industry has continued to rise and we now work alongside all of the top 10 housebuilding firms in the UK, helping to ensure that properties are in pristine condition for handover to the homeowner.

Extended national agreements

Other positives in the past 12 months saw us extend our agreement with Kier – recognised as the third largest construction firm in the UK last year – as well as renewing our nationally exclusive agreement with Avant Homes, one of the country’s leading luxury housebuilders.

Despite the potential economic instability and the oft reported fears of post-Brexit vote uncertainty, we’ve continued to thrive in a very competitive market thanks to our strong central ethos and dedicated approach to delivering a high standard of service.

We hope that next 12 months will result in yet more success for Plastic Surgeon and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our business as we go from strength to strength.

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