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Record breaking month for repair specialist

Record breaking month for repair specialist

Record breaking month for repair specialist

Plastic Surgeon is celebrating its most successful ever trading month, as it booked over 23,000 hours’ of repair work to be completed in September alone.

Plastic Surgeon, which operates throughout the UK and has its headquarters in Devon, booked in 23,370 hours’ worth of work, which equated to more than 1,000 hours of repairs on each working day of the month.

The activity involved cosmetic repairs and resurfacing work across a wide variety of trades and industries, helping to save on replacement costs as well as labour costs, whilst also saving thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill.

Rob Mouser, Managing Director of Plastic Surgeon, said:

“September has been an excellent month for us and it’s seen us achieve record levels of repair work. As more and more businesses become aware of our services and the diversity of our offering, more and more are recognising the value of repair over replacement.”

The record breaking month is helped by an ever growing team, which sees over 200 employees performing fine finishing work right across the country, assisting facilities managers, construction managers, house builders, retailers, insurers and manufacturers.

Providing both internal and external surface repair, the cosmetic work conducted by Plastic Surgeon reverses the effects of accidental damage and natural wear and tear commonly found by facilities managers, retailers and manufacturers. It is also helps to repair on-site damage in the construction and housebuild sectors.

The firms repair specialists – or Finishers – are all directly employed across its seven UK regions, all trained in a variety of skills. The firm makes no use of sub-contract labour or franchisees, thus ensuring it maintains the highest levels of service and quality. Plastic Surgeon figures indicate that for every £1 spent on repairs, £3 is saved on material replacements.

Having invested in developing new techniques Plastic Surgeon offers repair solutions for the widest possible selection of building substrates including masonry, metal, glass, ceramics and plastics.

Rob concluded:

“The figures for September are fantastic and we hope to build on these going forward, in fact we are already on target to beat it in October! The value of repair over replacement is immeasurable and we hope to continue with the education process, which is seeing more and more key industry figures realise this.”

“One of the biggest benefits is the impact on the environment. By repairing rather than replacing, we’re able to save thousands of tonnes from landfill every year, helping businesses to achieve sustainability targets. In 2015 we saved 2,431 tonnes, and we’re hoping to see far greater savings this year.”

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