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Reduce your carbon footprint with cosmetic repairs

Reduce your carbon footprint with cosmetic repairs

Specialists such as Plastic Surgeon can continue to help the country reduce its carbon footprint, and perhaps the services we offer will become ever more important in the future as developers and property management companies strive to be seen to be sustainable.

Last year, we saved nearly 80,000 damaged construction products from going to landfill by repairing rather than replacing them – and if we continue to develop new techniques such as our specialist brick tinting service, then I see no reason why our team of Fine Finishers shouldn’t prevent even more items being skipped.

I am aware that the Government is also slashing thousands of jobs across the public sector, and it is hoping that firms in the private sector, such as Plastic Surgeon, will be able to pick up the pieces on the employment front. I feel that our sustainable practises will encourage those in the industry to use our services more and more as they strive to meet initiatives such as the Code for Sustainable Homes, and this will mean we need to recruit more finishers.

For many in the sustainability/renewables industry, times are going to be tough – but for us, I can only foresee growth as more and more people use our services.”

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