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Cosmetic repair reports save landfill

Cosmetic repair reports save landfill

Landfill tax for waste going to landfill increased 25% (£8.00) to £40.00 per tonne (+ VAT) on the 1st April 2009 and is set to rise by £8.00 per tonne each year for the next four years, which is going to be a massive extra cost for the already cash strapped construction industry. Coupled with the hike in VAT next year, the need to avoid sending damaged items to landfill will become ever more important – and this is where Plastic Surgeon really does come into its own.

While Plastic Surgeon’s Fine Finishers can repair just about any construction material, it has taken the service it offers one step further by introducing a tool that shows how much can actually be saved from landfill. VisibilITy – as the capital I and T suggests, is a computer programme that helps its clients plan and forecast their fine finishing requirements, as well as report on existing projects. The online service also provides real time, accurate data and analysis of all fine finishing work being undertaken.

Plastic Surgeon’s Fine Finishers collect detailed information about each repair they do out in the field, which is then fed into VisibilITy upon completion of the job. This data then automatically updates each customer’s individual computer record back at the company headquarters.

This information can then be accessed online at the click of a button, enabling the user to:

• Report on specialist surface repair costs and savings for past and current projects
• Plan and budget for fine finishing requirements on future projects
• Improve forecasting by calculating costs per repair
• Calculate landfill savings by site, project, item or project manager
• Create reports, graphs and charts
• View work in progress, invoices and comprehensive statistics on every job.

This sophisticated reporting system means that Plastic Surgeon’s clients can be totally confident in the accuracy of accounts submitted; plus it enables the findings to be incorporated into each customer’s own accounting or reporting systems.

The beauty of VisibilITy is that it requires no software download – the user simply has to log-in and view.

Plastic Surgeon’s IT Manager, Ross Gardner, comments: “We believe we are the only people in the industry that collects and processes this type of data. We have put years of work into our data capture, which ensures everything from order through execution to invoice: the whole life cycle is recorded digitally.”

Plastic Surgeon saves waste being sent to landfill on a daily basis nationwide, by repairing damaged doors, windows, cills, bricks, stone – and other masonry products, as well as kitchen worktops, units, baths, sinks and PVC-U profiles. This can be on construction sites where snagging is inevitable, or for small, one-off domestic accidents as well as large, commercial repairs and application of final paint coatings in-situ.

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