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Rob Mouser on the IT crowd

Rob Mouser on the IT crowd

Rob Mouser on the IT crowd

Plastic Surgeon’s Managing Director, , praises the IT crowd.

Our customers have long known us as offering technical expertise and a wide selection of ways to access our services.

Now, though, I think it’s time for Plastic Surgeon’s IT team to be given full credit for having developed the latest version of : taking it to a new level of sophistication whilst still remaining straightforward for our various client groups to engage with.

The old VisibilITy was more of a reporting tool which customers often used at quantity surveyor or director level to view how our services were being employed across their various sites. Now, while we’ve kept that information within the new version, we’ve added a whole new section which will be of use to the customer care teams – benefitting housebuilders, social housing providers, the big insurers; and even the cruise liner companies we work for.

In the same way that you can track a parcel delivery, customers will be able to log into VisibilITy 3 and see how long it took for us to get a job booked in with one of our Finisher teams, the time of day when it will be carried out, and by who. Then, as we have now equipped all of the Finishers with iPhone 5Cs, which have better cameras than the old hand-held computers, customers will also be able to view before and after images of any job.

One of the big issues for clients using a service like ours is “how do you know what you’re buying?” It is essentially a daywork service and I always offer them the analogy of hiring a crane. If that crane does a dozen big lifts during the day you’ve had good value, but if it only does a couple then that’s expensive. What is really powerful about VisibilITy is how it records every signed off, completed repair, as they were done and with no massaging of figures, customers can see exactly what they have had for their money. You buy from us and we will give you true VisibilITy.

In future then, customers will be able to log in with their secure password to check on any specific job, rather than having to phone our Call Centre or wait for us to answer an email. Essentially we have turned VisibilITy into a sophisticated portal which provides customers with up to the minute information and a means of calculating whole-life costs. It has been designed in consultation with the various sectors we serve and we expect them to get far more out of it than they did before.

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