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Repair & refurb for student accommodation

Repair & refurb for student accommodation

Repair & refurb for student accommodation

As yet another tranche of students leave colleges and universities to look forward to a well-deserved summer of R&R after long hours of revision and exams, the facilities, maintenance and estates managers who are responsible for their vacated halls of residence will be looking forward to another type of R&R, in readiness for the start of the new academic year in September.

Repair & Refurbishment is the course they will be taking and presuming the managers are as clever as their graduates ought to be, they will aim to employing services such as those we offer at , to put right the inevitable damage that will have occurred over the year. For it is far more cost effective to repair those burnt worktops, cracked shower trays and chipped sinks or scratched doors in student accommodation than to replace them – especially when you look at the soaring costs incurred by sending anything to landfill….

Indeed, the cost of disposing of waste to landfill rose again this April to £72 per tonne; the sixth consecutive yearly rise; a staggering 200% increase in the same period. Next year, this will be hiked up to an eye-watering £80 per tonne.

It makes even more sense, then, to repair the damage in any sort of educational facility – more and more student accommodation providers such as Unite & UPP have already realized this, and will again call us in over the summer to make good all the room interiors ready for the next generation of students.

We have tackled, successfully, all the items mentioned above, and more; but what our clients across the education sector also appreciate is the fact that we can undertake repair work at times to suit their academic year, such as between terms – in the Easter holiday or at half term – because we are flexible in our working practices. We will even work nights and weekends, if we need to.

So, as well as our repair work being cost-effective in that it avoids extortionate landfill prices, it is also the most environmentally friendly option – avoiding the requirement to purchase replacement items (all of which will have their own carbon footprint), while also helping maintenance providers feel rightfully proud about their eco-credentials.

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