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Latest £420m schools building programme

Latest £420m schools building programme

”Whether it’s a damaged door, a chipped desk or damaged toilet facilities, it’s far more cost-effective to repair rather than replace – and that goes for both refurbishment and new build projects”, says Rob Mouser. ”On site damage to building components can and does happen and replacements cost more in terms of money, time and labour, and can significantly delay delivery of a project.

By carrying out cosmetic repairs, on the other hand, builders and contractors can keep a schools project on time, on budget, and improve their waste management credentials – an increasingly important issue these days in achieving and maintaining sustainable construction – particularly in light of the legally enforceable requirement of Site Waste Management Plans for any project valued at over £300,00”, he concludes.

The six new projects announced under the Building Schools for the future programme are Buckinghamshire (initially worth £80m), Cornwall (£69m), Gateshead (£80m), Lincolnshire (£70m), Oxfordshire (£62m) and Sutton (£56m).

Each of these BSF schemes – covering rebuilds or refurbishment of secondary schools – will begin by summer 2010.


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