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Training is key to quality service

Training is key to quality service

Training is key to quality service

Many UK building contractors have in the past quite literally fallen victim to their own success: losing control of an expanding network, while often also letting standards slip. Two potential pitfalls which Plastic Surgeon has worked hard to avoid through staff training and establishing a structured management team which ensures the efforts of its 150 regionally based Finishers are properly coordinated.

In addition to a well-organized call centre and a hi-tech computer based booking system using bespoke software, the Finishers’ diaries are organized by Area Senior Finishers, who work beneath the Regional Operations Managers. The Senior Finishers’ role also includes checking that individual operatives are up to date with their training and that they have the correct equipment on their vans.

Chris Nuttall-Worsley is one of Plastic Surgeon’s Area Senior Finishers, responsible for areas of Devon and Cornwall and looking after aarea-senior-finisher team of 14 Finishers.

He commented: “The intensity of the training has gone up enormously since I started in terms of the variety of surfaces we now work on, and the depth of knowledge about them.” Chris also praised the efforts of the company’s in-house training team, Andy Keenagh and Ian Richards who are constantly developing and passing on new repair techniques for the different substrates that Plastic Surgeon is asked to repair.

He continued: “For instance I have been on not just the ceramics course in recent times, but also the three day SRI one covering spraying techniques, where you learn everything about the gun and how to use it. Stripping down, cleaning and maintaining the spray guns, the correct distance to have them from the work, the pressures to use it at and also blending. They are both brilliant courses which will push on the development of anyone, no matter how long they have been with the company.”

Very few firms in the construction industry can claim to have trained all of their own craftsmen, but then as the UK’s only national specialist, Plastic Surgeon is genuinely unique in the variety of challenges it deals with. Which is why it has created a business infrastructure model offering staff support from Day 1 and a career path with real opportunity for personal progression.

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