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Why do hotels value smart repairs?

Why do hotels value smart repairs?

Not surprisingly, facilities and maintenance managers in the hotel sector are increasingly using the cosmetic repair service we offer at Plastic Surgeon. Quite simply because, if a room is out of use – being refurbished due to wear and tear, or needing more extensive repair work as a result of serious damage – it is not earning the hotelier income.

A tatty looking bathroom with, perhaps, a crack in the shower tray or basin, gathering germs, is not going to encourage anyone to write a rave review on Trip Advisor – and they might well not go back there again.

Your blogger regularly travels all over the country for work as well as recreation, and has seen the worst that the hotel trade has to offer: cracked tiles, chipped bedheads, dents in doors and gouges taken out of the furniture; while one of the most gruesome spectacles was a hole in a plastic bath panel – where you could see all the grime behind it, which must have collected over several years.

If we classify such wear and tear as being down to largely accidental attrition, hotel managers also have to contend with the effects of unconfined liquids: ranging from spilled tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks to substantial plumbing leaks that can stain paint, plasterwork and other finishes.

All the above hotel substrates and building fixtures are items we at Plastic Surgeon can so easily repair – from the marble columns and worksurfaces in reception areas, to baths and shower trays in the en-suite bedrooms; plus all the furniture, whether they are manufactured from wood, enamel, aluminium, steel or ceramics; while composites and plastics also feature hugely in our repair lists.

Another great advantage of using our repair services is that we are experienced at working in occupied properties of all types, and are also willing to arrange visits outside ‘normal’ hours. Thus ensuring any repair work undertaken gets done swiftly and efficiently, so the room can quickly be re-let again.

This is of great importance for milestone events such as the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, when hotels are at their busiest and statistically, more at risk of damage occurring. Our central booking system can allocate Finishers to be on site quickly, as our teams of operatives are strategically based throughout the UK.

Finally, our repair expertise at Plastic Surgeon will save building or facilities managers money and hassle. To replace a cracked bath, for example, involves removing the damaged unit from the room, getting a new one delivered – perhaps maneuvering them via some quite tricky corridors and stairs. And then involving all manner of trades including plumbing, tiling and decorating. A nightmare scenario compared to calling in a Plastic Surgeon Finisher; whereby one of our ‘Smart Repairs’ typically takes around two hours.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;


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