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The need for winter maintenance

The need for winter maintenance

The need for winter maintenance

Winter is the perfect time to conduct routine maintenance and repair work. Many facilities, such as universities, theme parks, leisure facilities and holiday parks are closed for prolonged periods during the winter months. And with closure comes accessibility. Here at Plastic Surgeon we’re proficient in operating in environments without the need to close. However, sometimes it’s inevitable, or it’s by far the more appropriate time to conduct repair work.

And it’s often at this time that facilities managers see the close periods as an opportunity to call in traditional trade contractors such as carpenters, plasterers and decorators to undertake necessary repairs.

When calling in traditional tradespeople though, there is often the need for a mix of skills to cover all aspects of the job. You may need to call in a carpenter to repair surface damage to woodwork and then a plasterer to fix damaged walls. The requirement for multiple tradespeople often drives up the cost of repair, as each will be claiming for their hours of work as well as a call out fee.

However, here at Plastic Surgeon, our fully trained technicians are able to replicate a broad spectrum of these capabilities. There are a wide variety of surfaces our Finishers can repair including glass, ceramics, laminates, uPVC, brick and other masonry (including marble). We can also repair metalwork, including brass, bronze and stainless steel, polishing the metals to remove damage.

Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers are able to deliver a cross-section of skills, meaning they can repair multiple items in the course of one repair job, which is a much cheaper alternative.

And it’s not just labour that should be taken into account. A major benefit of repair is the huge difference compared to the cost of replacement. On average £1 of repair saves £3 on replacement, which spread over a whole site, usually adds up to a considerable sum.

From an environmental perspective, repair also reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill. In 2015, for example, we saved 2,431 tonnes from landfill, a figure which is set to be surpassed once our 2016 stats have been compiled. For the discerning facilities manager then, there is an opportunity to contribute towards corporate social responsibility targets – something that’s becoming increasingly important.

And don’t just wait for winter to carry out repairs either. Although closed periods and quieter months are ideal; as mentioned earlier, our technicians are highly adept at working in environments where minimal disruption is required. They don’t need whole areas or sites to be shut down in order to work. They can localise the repairs, reducing the impact on surrounds and allowing businesses and premises to operate as usual. The majority of the time it’s possible for our Finishers to carry out surface repair with the minimum of fuss and interruption.

So whilst essential winter maintenance is just that – essential – we’re able to offer a flexible approach to meet specific facilities management needs.

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