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Construction snagging repairs at The Shard

Construction snagging repairs at The Shard

Construction snagging repairs at The Shard

No matter how much time and money is spent on a construction project – or how many different contractors’ skillsets have been employed in the work – the point comes when all of the little snagging jobs have to be dealt with, prior to handover. And those points don’t come any bigger, or sharper, than The Shard, where Plastic Surgeon has been plying its trade in recent times.

As the tallest structure in Europe, The Shard has attracted huge media interest, particularly when the observation deck was opened to the public at the end of last year, with Plastic Surgeon being called in by Ellmers, the contractor leading the fit out of the upper floors.

The task then was to polish a number of scratches out of the high quality, large format floor tiles as the area was being readied for its big launch to press and TV crews. That work was duly completed by two of the company’s Finishers using the same equipment they employ to remove chips and scratches from windows and architectural glazing, including glass balustrades.

Then at the same time Plastic Surgeon was asked to conceal a series of small screw holes, the fixings for decorative shot-blasted steel cladding panels, which had been picked up during the final check over of one of the show apartments.

In early June, however, two Finishers from the London Region of Plastic Surgeon were asked to put the final touches to some door frames and decorative pillars in the Chinese restaurant which has now opened on the 33rd floor.

Six pairs of half height swing doors, decorated in traditional symbols, had been raised from their original position on the frames, including for the entrance to the ladies and gents washrooms, leaving shallow oblong cut-outs in the timber surrounds, These were rapidly filled using Plastic Surgeon’s Ultra-Premium Filler before being smoothed back to restore the original profile. The Finisher then completed the repair by painting in the missing section of wood grain and applying two coats of lacquer to protect it.

Potentially even more visible were some ornate door pillars decorated with Chinese dragons where the joinery company had let in small sections of timber to conceal a couple of unwanted cut-outs above the designs. Unfortunately the new wood remained slightly proud and visible so the Finisher employed a chisel to delicately cut back the surface before sanding it and applying two coats of the System 40 paint system in a matching deep orange colour, mixed on site by eye.

London Region Operations Manager, Simon Stock, comments: “During our latest visit to The Shard we received our instructions from Aqua, a facilities management company which was supervising the completion of the new Hutong Chinese restaurant on the 33rd floor. We had two of our most experienced Finishers there for a day carrying out the snagging work to a very high standard. It was a successful conclusion in a situation where the venue was imminently due to open, and we won’t be surprised to be called back when some of the other floors to The Shard are being finished off.”

Plastic Surgeon has over 150 Finishers on the road in its different regions around the UK, carrying a wide array of equipment which enables them to tackle repairs to most construction products and substrate materials. These include uPVC, aluminium and composite window frames, sanitaryware and other ceramics, stone, plasterwork and the various types of cladding systems

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