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Cruise ship refit

Cruise ship refit

Cruise ship refit

A company specializing in the refurbishment of ocean liners called on the expertise of Plastic Surgeon in order to support the work of its own craftsmen during the refit of the Disney themed cruise ship while it was in dry dock in the Bahamas. Unusually for the Finisher involved she found herself being asked to change the appearance of many fixtures and pieces of furniture, rather than simply restoring them to a pristine condition.

The Challenges

Finisher, Emma Jenks who has been with Plastic Surgeon for three years found herself called in at the last minute due to the illness of a colleague, travelling to London before flying out to Florida the next day. Joining the ship in the Bahamas she began a series of 17 consecutive days, working to support the site management, cooperating with the carpenters, fitters, decorators and other tradespeople striving to complete the refit before the liner was due to sail again.

As well as the feverish pace of activity such projects demand, the Finisher had to respond to fresh daily task lists identifying items to have their surfaces cosmetically restored and then either colour matched or recoloured. High temperatures and humidity presented further difficulties in achieving the required quality of in-situ finish. And while Finishers are used to having a fully stocked van to address different substrates, everything had to be shipped from the UK at the outset, including power tools and generators.

The Highlights

Emma spent the majority of her time on board the liner working in the restaurants and other public areas where the specialist fit-out company was striving to transform the interiors in line with the design brief from Disney.

She repaired minor areas of damage in skirtings, architraves, laminates and various other joinery items as well as bar counters and furniture including stools. This was followed by re-staining or repainting the various materials to achieve a high standard of finish also able to resist the constant heavy usage associated with life on board a busy passenger liner.

Even difficult to access items such as the casings to ceiling lights were prepped and repainted to conform with the new colour schemes.

During the last four days of the contract the liner left dry dock to undertake sea trials, adding movement to the other challenges for achieving a high quality finish.

After the successful conclusion to the work Emma Jenks’s efforts were commented on by the fit-out company’s CEO, remarking not only on her skill level, but also her adaptability and her willingness to perform as a member of their team.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • The specialist cruise liner fit-out company was able to supplement the traditional skillsets of its own employees with the versatile capabilities of a specialist: carrying out remedial work which might otherwise have demanded the replacement of many valuable items.
  • Plastic Surgeon’s involvement helped facilitate the completion of the refit on schedule and within budget; continuing a good working relationship between the two specialist companies.

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