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Exterior stone facade repair at McDonald’s

Exterior stone facade repair at McDonald’s

Exterior stone facade repair at McDonald’s

Unsurprisingly, the fast food industry requires its supply chain to show equal alacrity, right the way through to those involved in building and refurbishing the premises involved: which is why Plastic Surgeon’s cosmetic repair service proved invaluable in completing the transformation of a McDonald’s in Sheffield.

The city centre restaurant and takeaway had been the subject of an extensive refurbishment programme carried out by the Barlow Group, the building contractor appointed to carry out alterations across all McDonald’s in the north-of England.  Despite the company’s experience on such fast-track contracts, however, there were several areas of the stone cladding to the frontage whose repair was beyond the skillset of its operatives.

Holes in stone repairedIn addition to interior changes, the improvements had involved updating the exterior signage, and moving the entrance doors back approximately one foot within the covered entranceway. Unfortunately this left a gap in the window sills where the metal framed doors had been positioned, as well as fixing holes and the outline of the McDonald’s name on the slightly weathered façade.

Plastic Surgeon’s North-East area Sales Manager, David Capon, visited the premises in Sheffield to formulate an appropriate repair strategy; and to give the Barlow Group a quote on the time required to carry it out.

Stone facade repairDavid Capon comments: “The initial talks with the contractor focussed on the problem of repairing all the old screw holes and the position either side of the entrance where the doorway had been moved back, but it was soon agreed that the discolouration demanded we over-coated the whole area with our Screedcoat material.  And because this is very much a busy high street location in the centre of a large city with the university campus nearby; we also realized it would require some out-of-hours working.

“The half height wall either side of the door, together with the sills beneath the glazing, was filled and smoothed back to match, by our two Finishers working in the daytime. But the size of outline to the McDonald’s name spanned the whole entrance area, so the only solution was for our operatives to go back late at night.

A scissor lift was hired in to reach approximately two dozen drill holes – some still containing anchor plugs and screws – to be made good, and a distinct outline of the letters due to traffic fumes and airborne grime having darkened the stone cladding.

Each of the holes was filled using a pre-tinted mix of Plastic Surgeon’s special Screedcoat, to blend with the background.  Then the two Finishers sprayed a small trial area to ensure they had an accurate colour match to the weathered stonework while it was still daylight.

The pair returned to the restaurant around 11pm as its evening surge in business started to tail off and erected the safety barriers around the work area, ready for the management to give them the go ahead to begin spraying the entire area previously covered by the signage. As a result the interruption to trade was kept to just a few minutes.

The Screedcoat system is regularly employed by Plastic Surgeon to overcoat both brickwork and masonry, creating a thin but highly durable over-layer. It has been successfully used to cover smoke damage as well as to replicate non-RAL colours in historic restoration situations. It is also recognised as a viable alternative to grit-blasting or chemical cleaning which can damage substrates, or be hazardous to those in the surrounding area.

David Capon sums up saying: “The work at the Sheffield McDonald’s demonstrates not only the repair skills of our Finishers, but also the abilities of Plastic Surgeon to work flexibly and respect all necessary health & safety requirements. It was a very successful job for us and one which earned the gratitude of the restaurant’s management, as well as the contractor we were working for.”

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