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Fireproof tile repairs on campus

Fireproof tile repairs on campus

Fireproof tile repairs on campus

The construction of Ayrshire College’s new Kilmarnock Campus began in 2014 at an estimated cost of £53m. The work has primarily been carried out by McLaughlin and Harvey, the main construction contractor tasked with completing the job.

Inevitably, as during any major construction project, some damage is caused during the ongoing operation. In the case of the new campus, considerable damage was caused to fireproof tiles that adorned the interior walls of an atrium in the campus’s main building.

The fireproof tiles have a black laminate finish, and thanks to their fireproof nature, had to be repaired in a way that would ensure they would stay flame-retardant.

Realising the need for specialist surface repair, McLaughlin and Harvey called in Plastic Surgeon Scotland to rectify the damage.

Thanks to the requirements of the work, Plastic Surgeon Scotland had to bring in new skills. The positioning of the tiles, stretching across 4 stories in an open atrium meant that the Plastic Surgeon Finishers assigned to the job had to use mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) or ‘cherry pickers’ to be able to access them.

With this being a relatively unusual requirement in surface repair, Positive Outcomes arranged for the Finishers to attain the relevant certification prior to the job. Once this was done, they could then attend to the job proper.

MEWP certification wasn’t the only new skill required. In order to guarantee the fire proofing of the tiles, the Finishers had to use a specific method, one that they’d not used before. This was a Plastic Surgeon first, which meant the Finishers on the job had to learn the technical proficiency required to apply the fireproof coating.

In order to ensure the fireproofing, the technique involved the application of several coats of primer and solvents. These had to be applied and then left for certain periods of time in order for them to be effective. The Finishers had to make sure that the timings between coatings was right. Having left them for the appropriate periods, they then had to ensure that the final appearance of the repaired tiles matched the ones already in situ.

The weight of the tiles also posed particular difficulties, with some having to be screwed into the wall in order to ensure they stayed in place, which presented fresh challenges. The job was a substantial undertaking and took a month, with between 3 and 4 Finishers working at a time, to complete.

On top of the fireproof tile repair, Plastic Surgeon was also required to carry out additional standard repairs, such as on the building’s internal doors.

The resulting repairs achieved the exacting standards required by McLaughlin and Harvey and also succeeded in adding another skill to the diverse range of capabilities already on offer from Plastic Surgeon Scotland.

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