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Gloss metal fire door repairs for BAM

Gloss metal fire door repairs for BAM

Gloss metal fire door repairs for BAM

Assembly Square is an office development by Bam Construct on Cardiff Bay, where the aggressive saline atmosphere had led to a marine paint finish being specified for all of the external metal fire doors.

Unfortunately the need to use the fire exits for temporary access had led to many of the doors suffering damage to their black gloss finish, and even some denting of the leaf panels. Faced with the possibility of having to replace these expensive and very heavy doorsets, BAM Construct opted to task Plastic Surgeon with the challenge of repairing and restoring them to a pristine condition.

Plastic Surgeon’s proprietary two-pack filler was used to build up the profile where necessary and then rub down to achieve a completely level surface, before spraying them with the special marine grade paint obtained from the door manufacturer. A total of a dozen doors weighing approximately 70 kg each were successfully repaired prior to the building being viewed by prospective tenants.

The Bristol region of BAM also employed Plastic Surgeon’s services to save the stylish aluminium framed windows enclosing the penthouse apartment to the Tramsheds residential development in Bath. The windows concerned were not only large, but situated at high level, prompting the architect to specify the use of electric motors for their operation. These had initially been installed in the wrong position by a sub-contractor, leaving a series of small but unsightly screw holes.

With the penthouse already occupied, Plastic Surgeon worked under the supervision of a BAM project manager to ensure the holes were repaired using a similar technique of filling, rubbing down and colour matching; this time in green.

Each Finisher carries with them a hand held Personal Digital Assistant or PDA. These run Plastic Surgeon’s bespoke “Mobile Finisher” software which provides real time connectivity with the main office for job allocations, reporting and sign-off by the customer. These devices not only enable Plastic Surgeon to provide clients with detailed accounts each month, but also estimates of the tonnages of material saved from going in a skip.

The weight of the fire doors made good alone saved some three-quarters of a tonne of waste, while the total tonnage prevented from going to landfill, across the two BAM Construction regions is a highly significant 3.17 tonnes. For a contractor such as BAM Construct, with an identified mission statement of achieving near zero waste by 2015, the service provided by Plastic Surgeon is not only a very financially viable means of dealing with snagging, but arguably becomes indispensible on environmental grounds.

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