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GRC column casing repairs

GRC column casing repairs

GRC column casing repairs

A key element to the service offered from Plastic Surgeon as the UK’s only national specialist, is the company’s readiness to work out-of-hours in order to minimize disruption and any potential danger for either building occupants or the public at large. Both in fact had to be considered in the execution of two dozen column casing repairs carried out within the Regency Shopping Arcade in Cheltenham, ready for its official re-opening by His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.

prince charlesThe contract which involved pairs of the company’s highly trained Finishers working over a period of two to three weeks, was carried out for JH Lidstone, a sub-contractor to Midas Construction which led the refurbishment of the popular retail destination.

The Operations Manager for Plastic Surgeon’s South West Division, Gary Danson takes up the account saying: “The Regency Arcade is a very popular place for shoppers in Cheltenham, and these column surrounds – fabricated from a GRC (glass reinforced gypsum) type material – had taken a fair amount of knocks from trolleys and other pedestrian traffic damage over the years.

“In fact some of them had been dislodged which had led our client to drill a series of holes through the casings so that adhesive could be pumped in and stabilize them. It was then down to us to make good both the drill holes and all the random damage the two lines of columns had suffered.

“As the shopping centre was already back in daily use, we began by working a full week of nights, with Midas providing supervision and security; putting in a team of two Finishers from 8-00 pm through to the early hours every night. Then, although it wasn’t always the same two men, we undertook further visits, including working through the night before the official opening by Prince Charles, bringing the total to 20 man days during the contract. Midas in particular was very pleased with the results and the effort put in by the Finishers.”

The nature of the repairs  themselves involved building back the damaged casings using carbon fibre and Ultra-Premium fillers. Once the damaged areas had been brought level, the surface was smoothed back using a gradation of abrasives and the whole area sprayed to match in Plastic Surgeon’s System 20 coating.

Due to the scale of the columns and the need to restrict overspray causing contamination of the surrounding paving and other features, Plastic Surgeon brought in one of its special high volume low pressure (HVLP) spraying machines.

The GRC column casing repairs were completed by applying two coats of lacquer to ensure the long term durability of the work.

Over recent years, Plastic Surgeon has undertaken a series of similarly sensitive contracts for other clients, working out-of-hours in places such as hotels, restaurants, West End department stores and even aboard ocean lines cruising the Caribbean.

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