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Metal cladding repair and re-spray

Metal cladding repair and re-spray

Metal cladding repair and re-spray

As the handover of the new-build headquarters of an internationally renowned accountancy firm approached, a rooftop inspection revealed that some of the metal cladding panels forming the coping to the main elevations had suffered a series of superficial scratches, possibly due to foot traffic.

With both the cladding specialist and the main contractor keen to achieve sign off, and the prospect of penalty clauses looming, it was decided to call on the services of Plastic Surgeon to effect a repair: re-spraying approximately 50 panels in-situ.

The Challenges

The entire operation had to be carried out in a very exposed location, seven floors above street level, during the worst of the winter weather. The aluminium cladding panels had a non-RAL metallic bronze polyester powder coat finish, which would be too difficult to match on site; requiring Plastic Surgeon to have the correct colour and reflectance batched by its regular supplier during the Christmas holiday.

Given the location, Plastic Surgeon’s operatives were required to wear full safety harnesses throughout; while the regional management team had to produce a job specific method statement and Health & Safety assessment; as well as an accurate estimate of the duration.

The Highlights

Although the scratches were superficial, their length and quantity necessitated the whole of the panels – some measuring 2500 x 2000 mm and varying in shape – to be smoothed back using fine grades of wet & dry, and then keyed ready for spraying.

Plastic Surgeon brought in two sets of its High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) spaying equipment to minimise overspray and to ensure the correct coating thickness would be achieved quickly in the challenging weather conditions.

The two Finishers were constantly monitoring the changes in the weather so that any dry spells could be utilized for applying the bronze paint: always ready to halt preparation work so that the flat surfaces could be sponged off and warmed with a heat gun to ensure they were completely free of damp before spraying began.

Key Outcomes for The Client

The client avoided delay of handover and the potential for paying a financial penalty, helping maintain a good relationship with the main contractor and the building occupant waiting to move in.

Not only was the work completed to the satisfaction of all parties, the two Finishers actually took two whole days less than the 15 day duration originally quoted, offering the client further cost savings.

Despite the wind, rain, sleet and snow, Plastic Surgeon achieved a very high quality finish on all of the aluminium cladding panels addressed.


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