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Powder coated cladding resurfacing

Powder coated cladding resurfacing

Powder coated cladding resurfacing

The Port Lympne Wild Animal Park attracts thousands of visitors each year to enjoy its facilities; to which have been added ten luxury lodges commanding views of the enclosures and the countryside beyond. Unfortunately the lanes leading to the park are very narrow in places and the modular units suffered a series of scratches to their cladding panels and window frames during delivery; prompting the manufacturer to call on Plastic Surgeon to make good the damage.

The Challenges

With bookings already made for families to stay in the oak-framed lodges, time was of the essence in making good the various scratches and gouges caused by tree branches. The cladding panelscladding resurfacing were black polyester powder coated aluminium – a surface notorious for showing up any blemishes or irregularities and therefore requiring exacting standards of workmanship. Some of the lodges’ metal framed windows and doors were also showing signs of damage. Achieving a high quality finish was made more difficult by both the scale of the units and the fact the panel resurfacing had to be carried out in an exposed hill top location.

The Highlights

Following an initial assessment of the damage by the Southern Region Operations Manager, Plastic Surgeon sent one of its most experienced Finishers to begin preparation of the affected exterior cladding. He was joined by two more when the weather was suitable for spraying, and between them the contract extended to a period of 10 chargeable days’ work. The preparation included polishing out the most minor abrasions and employing Ultra-Premium two-pack filler to build back the deeper areas of damage. The surface was carefully smoothed to achieve a totally even substrate, so that the repairs would not be detectable when sprayed, and a primer applied.

The Finishers made use of the company’s HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) guns which are ideal for situations where it is essential to minimize overspray. To achieve the best possible match for the factory applied black PPC coating, it was decided to apply Plastic Surgeon’s System 200 paint with a PVC base added, and a satin finish to the top coat. This treatment also ensures the long term weather resistance of the repairs.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • The supplier of the lodges had only two options: ordering and installing replacement powder coated cladding or effecting resurfacing repair once they were positioned. Calling in Plastic Surgeon ensured that the repair was completed quickly and successfully to the client’s full satisfaction.
  • Minimum usage of additional materials was required, ensuring it was the environmentally sound solution.
  • Throughout the project the lead Finisher liaised regarding the progress of the work with both the client, Eco Modular Buildings Ltd, and the park’s management to avoid any disruption to the business.



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