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Stone repair at Persimmon HQ

Stone repair at Persimmon HQ

Stone repair at Persimmon HQ

housebuilder stone damageThe UK’s top housebuilders routinely call on the skills of Plastic Surgeon to deal with snagging operations such as stone repair, as their properties near handover, but in one recent instance a top six developer asked the specialist to use its specially developed stone repair process to refurbish the very prominent stone portico on its headquarters building in the North of England.

Persimmon has its corporate offices in the historic city of York in a converted property dating from 1820 and befitting the area’s rich architectural heritage; with the local sandstone having been used to form the portico as well as the main elevations.

Unfortunately, however, long term exposure to the northern climate, with wind, rain and frost presenting cyclical challenges, had left the storey height structure with its multiple layers of masonry paint, in poor condition.

Already having a national agreement with Plastic Surgeon, it was logical for Persimmon’s property maintenance people to seek the specialist’s advice on the possible strategies for restoring the stone portico; and the company’s Northern Region Operations Manager, Mark Johnson duly visited the offices to assess the situation.

A specification along with an estimate of the time required was submitted and approved before two of the region’s most experienced Finishers began work, with the portico temporarily closed as the entrance to the building.

housebuilder stone repairMark Johnson takes up the account saying: “The stonework had suffered badly from exposure to the weather with areas that had either been eroded, or chunks had been spalled off by frost action. Numerous layers of masonry paint had also blistered or started to peel off and the water was causing further damage. Inside the entrance was in surprisingly bad condition.

“Our two Finishers therefore spent their first few days on the contract, brushing, scraping and sanding back the old paint, in order to get back to a solid substrate before any repairs could be made. We also had to bring in some tower scaffolding to reach the top sections beneath the flat roof.”

The areas of stone which had been cut back were duly filled using Plastic Surgeon’s premium stone repair product in its base colour; building back the deeper  areas in layers to stabilize the work. Filled slightly proud of the original profile, the material was then sanded flush with the old sandstone masonry.

Then to complete the transformation, the Finishers selected the closest possible match of the company’s Screedcoat product to colour the entire portico, using rollers and brushes for the detail areas. Finally an authentic texture was achieved by over-spraying the Screedcoat with specially graded silica, applied using guns and compressors.

persimmon stone repair With over 150 highly trained Finishers based across its regions, Plastic Surgeon offers a comprehensive service for stone repair and the repair of virtually all building substrates; regularly assisting the major UK housebuilders with completing properties on time and to budget.

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