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Round uPVC window repair for Barratt Homes

Round uPVC window repair for Barratt Homes

Round uPVC window repair for Barratt Homes

Although as a national cosmetic repair specialist, Plastic Surgeon regularly tackles repair contracts that involve re-spraying dozens of large window frames on commercial office buildings, or refurbishing all the cladding across a retail unit, sometimes the hardest challenges are the smallest ones: a fact borne out by the challenge of reshaping a couple of warped ‘bullseye’ uPVC windows for one of its major housebuilder clients.The job carried out by Plastic Surgeon’s Southern region concerned two small round windows located in the hall and downstairs cloakroom to a recently completed property on a Barratt Homes development where the inner profile to the uPVC frames had inexplicably warped.  So although the non-opening portholes remained airtight and otherwise functional, the purchaser was unhappy about the two units’ odd appearance in their otherwise perfect new home.

The housebuilder was unsurprisingly averse to the idea of attempting to replace the windows in an already occupied building with the inevitable making good to the brickwork and interior plasterwork that would be involved, and therefore contacted Plastic Surgeon to make use of its renowned uPVC repair service. But trying to reshape a uPVC window frame in such a tight working space tested the Finishers’ skills to the full.

The Southern area Operations Manager, for Plastic Surgeon takes up the account saying: “This was a very stylish new house with the two round windows, only half a metre in diameter, being one of the architectural features to the design. Unfortunately, though, the inner face to both the windows was twisted, possibly due to the way the sub-contractor had installed them. Then because they were so small and set back within a reveal, it was impossible to get most of our power tools in to work on them.

“We managed to use our smallest electric drills, fitted with a grinding disc, to take off the high spots, but then everything else had to be done by hand. This meant a process of levelling the low areas using our two-pack Premium Filler and then carefully smoothing back using a series of finer and finer abrasive pads. It was slow work as we needed to avoid scratching the glass or damaging the gaskets, but eventually they were ready to be sprayed in a matching white paint and we completed it within the day, as was quoted for the job.

“Both the client and the homeowner were happy with the way the windows looked at the end and it obviously involved far less disruption than would have been caused by trying to take out the damaged frames and fit new ones. If was a very successful outcome from what looked a very tricky situation.”

As is almost always the case with the work that Plastic Surgeon carries out, the charge for the repair was far lower than the cost of replacement would have been: requiring a bricklayer, plasterer, decorator and labourers as well as the window fitter. And aside from the economic advantage, repair is also the sustainable option: avoiding the consumption of new resources and sending waste to landfill.

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