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Repair of the Week

Repair of the Week

Scratched MRI scanner repair

This MRI scanner was badly scratched when someone brought a metal stretcher into the room. The magnet in the machine actually pulled the stretcher into the scanner and a truck had to be used to get it out! Luckily for the owners of such an

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Damaged Statue Repair

We were called on to restore a statue of the much loved comedian, Stan Laurel, which is located in a North Shields park and had suffered extensive wear and tear damage, as well as acts of vandalism over the years. Our Finishers used resin repairs

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Ceramic Tile Hole Repair

A great repair to badly damaged ceramic wall tiles, that had a big hole knocked out of them.

Valuable office desk repair

One of our south west Finishers based in Plymouth, carried out a major repair on a table in a solicitors’ office. The table originally cost £18,000 and had been badly damaged on one of the legs, which couldn’t be replaced. Our Finisher did an excellent

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Damaged Sink Repair

One of our insurance customers called us in to repair a policy-holder’s sink when a replacement sink could not be found. Although it was badly damaged, one of our Finishers from the North East team did an excellent repair job.

Damaged Rhino Sculpture Repair

A fabulous repair to a rhino art sculpture on the Great Big Rhinos trail in Devon.

uPVC window repair

Our Finisher carried out a great repair to this damaged uPVC window cill. Not content with that though, he also did a bit of landscape gardening and relayed the turf for the customer.

Colour Changing Wellies

We love getting unusual repair requests and this has to be one of the strangest! An assistant site manager needed blue wellies for a display his wife was putting on (she was filling them with flowers apparently!). He could only find green ones at Asda and she

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Model gorilla repair

A life-size model gorilla that was on display in a department store was damaged by a member of the public. As well as repairing holes and scratches, our Finishers had to match the silver coating and also replicate the red design by hand.

Split GRP bath repair

A GRP bath suffered serious damage after the homeowner slipped and the impact of their knee split the moulding. Read the full case study.

Damaged uPVC Window Frame Repair

A great repair by one of our Finishers in the North West team this week, to a badly damaged uPVC window frame.