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From damage caused in transit to damage during installation, we repair thousands of surfaces every year, helping our customers to deliver and complete their projects on time and without incurring unnecessary replacement costs.

Door and window manufacturers, kitchen and bathroom installers, furniture manufacturers and retailers and satellite TV installers regularly call upon our Finishers to help them sort out a damage problem with minimum fuss and cost.

  • Save on replacement costs
  • Fast turnaround
  • Keep your customers happy

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No matter how well we make our product, and protect it in transit, they end up installed on building sites. Other trades view a window or door opening as something to pass tools and materials through.  Collateral damage is inevitable: knocks with scaffold poles, plaster or mortar snots; they all have to be put right, and generally the damage to our frames happens near the end of a job.

That is why we use Plastic Surgeon to repair damage to the powder paint finish, or pressed metal surrounds. Our installers just aren’t equipped for, or skilled, in doing this sort of snagging. Replacing a window is costly and causes damage to the reveals, but Plastic Surgeon has the skills to return it to its original beauty. Importantly, the repairs the Fine Finishers undertake do not detract from the long term life of steel windows, which is over 60 years.

John Pyatt – Managing Director, Critall Windows.

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Our services are used by a diverse range of organisations throughout the UK, who all recognise the cost and time saving benefits of repairing over replacing.

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We repair everything from scratched shower trays and chipped worktops to damaged sinks and baths. Read FAQs and use our ‘Interactive Repair Map’.