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Metal repair

From old architectural metalwork, ironmongery and statuary to contemporary chrome-work, cladding panels and foiled surfaces, all are frequently amongst the higher value elements to the built environment, and therefore form a common subject for Plastic Surgeon's repair capabilities.

Using their skills our Finishers can either polish out or fill scratches, dents and even holes in a variety of backgrounds, while chips and stains in baths and white goods can also be addressed; as can fire surrounds, windows, garage doors, furniture, radiators, and the stainless steel counter tops or splash backs so often found in commercial kitchens.

Achieving a good bond as well as the correct colour match and reflectance are all problematic on metals such as steel or aluminium, but our Finishers are experienced in dealing with anodized, Plastisol, Polyester Powder Coated and various RAL finishes; and can even reproduce the patina that gives brass and other metals their aged appearance.

Surfaces under Metal repair


Typical damage: Chips, Cracks, Splits, Dents, Discolouration, Scuffs Typical aluminium surfaces ...
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Typical steel damage: Scratches, Dents, Gouges, Scuffs & Abrasion, Stains Typical steel ...
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Typical metal damage: Scratches, Dents, Perforations, Gouges, Scuffs & Abrasion, ...
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