All aboard: 33 finishers head to the bahamas for complex cruise repairs

21st May 2018
Cruise ship repairs

In addition to being the UK’s largest repair specialists, sometimes our work requires us to head overseas. One of our more exotic projects saw 33 of Plastic Surgeon’s finishers fly over to the Everglades in Florida to complete renovations and repairs on a number of jacuzzi hot tubs on a cruise ship owned by one of the world’s most prestigious cruise lines.

Specialist jacuzzi repairs on a tight 7 day lead time

Plastic Surgeon has an established relationship with this particular cruise company having worked with it on several previous occasions. In this instance, Plastic Surgeon was called upon to restore 8 Jacuzzi hot tubs on deck 15 of the ship – one of the main features of the cruise liner – after a number of repair companies based in the US said they couldn’t meet the tight seven-day deadline set down by the cruise operator ahead of its next voyage.

The tubs requiring repair are filled and re-filled every day with a high chlorine content in the water, up to 30 people can be in there at any one time, which – given the frequency of use – means they are prone to comparatively quick degradation.

With 6,400 prospective guests due to arrive on the ship later that week, Plastic Surgeon’s finishers had to use their extensive experience to complete the job ahead of embarkation. The repairs that were required included sealing any damage and replacing the grip on the steps and base of the hot tubs.

Repairs at sea

Hot tub repairs onboard a cruise shipWhilst undertaking the works, the ship went to sea for three days during the planned week of repairs, so the team had to carry out the work while battling the elements in the open ocean.

Despite the challenges presented to them, the team managed to restore the eight hot tubs to their former standard. The client was delighted with the work, especially given the complexities of the job at hand and the extraordinarily tight deadlines.

Plastic Surgeon’s Sales Director Mike Aitken said: “From the start of this project, our team of finishers was up against tight deadlines and extreme elements. The finishers had some logistical delays to overcome, but the team was brilliant, pulling it back and getting the repair work done to the highest standard. The client was incredibly happy with the work the finishers carried out, which is always our aim.

“The fact that we were able to fly such a large number of finishers to an international location on such a short timescale is an example of the flexibility and agile nature of our capabilities. Having 200 directly employed finishers on our books means we’re able to meet complex client requirements in an efficient and timely manner to provide an unparalleled repair service.”

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