At Plastic Surgeon, we strive to reduce the impact on the environment

5th December 2021

Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers is the UK's largest and most trusted hard surface repair solution. It's our business to work towards a more sustainable society.

Reducing environmental impact

At Plastic Surgeon, we strive to reduce the impact on the environment. Our job is to restore rather than replace hard surface damage – saving our customers time and money as well as offering a more sustainable solution.

Sustainable is Core to Our Business

Our core business of restoring damaged surface damage contributes to a better environment by reducing the need for replacing inventory and equipment, as well as limiting the disposal of waste to landfill. Our Learning and Development Team has developed a range of restoration services that significantly reduce the need for replacement and the inherent costs on the environment in terms of raw material sourcing, processing, energy consumption and distribution.

We have innovative solutions to restore an ever growing number of repairs that would ordinarily be subject to a total loss and replaced as a matter of course.

Working across a wide range of customer bases

Our skills are in demand across a wide range of industries from construction and house build to domestic and insurance services. Our nationwide teams offer a highly professional standard of work, ensuring surface damage can be restored effectively and efficiently on site. Constantly in demand by industry leaders, looking to increase their sustainability figures and reduce their impact on the environment, we offer solutions that really make a difference.


 “They (Plastic Surgeon) are so accomplished at what they do. They can tackle a multitude of services and colour-match the final look to perfection. So, whether something’s chipped, cracked or stained, they have the restorative solution to make it look as good as new.”

Zurich Insurance

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