How hiring an apprentice can boost your business

Hiring an apprentice is an effective way for any organisation to nurture talent whilst developing and shaping a motivated and skilled workforce specific to your company's needs.

Apprenticeships are a great choice for both potential employees and employers. Hiring an apprentice is an effective way for any organisation to nurture talent whilst developing and shaping a motivated and skilled workforce specific to your company needs.

National statistics show that 86% of employers say that having an apprentice is a positive experience, with over 90% of apprentices staying on to continue their career after completing their apprenticeship.

Plastic Surgeon Fine Finisher is a specialist company offering a unique restoration service and the head office employs a team of customer service agents, trained in the specialist range of services that are available to both business and household clients. The Devon based head office took on their first apprentice last year, providing additional back office support for the growing operational workforce assuring that they would learn the specific range of skills required for the specialist services.

Sally Orton, Head of HR, has been delighted with the way that the apprenticeship scheme has been a positive experience and is now looking at the possibility of extending the scheme to other parts of the business.

Sally explains “The customer service role at Plastic Surgeon is a unique role requiring training on Plastic Surgeon’s custom-built IT systems which is why offering an apprenticeship is a unique way to attract, train and develop individuals into the business around our specific needs.  Apprentices are often highly enthusiastic, motivated and loyal which is of increased benefit to the company and our first experience with the scheme has been extremely well received by the whole team.”

The first apprentice that Plastic Surgeon has taken under their wing is 17-year-old Eve Miller who lives locally.

“I am delighted that Plastic Surgeon has given me the opportunity to train as a Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Apprentice 2” explains Eve.

“It gives me the chance to continue my education whilst being able to live independently and earn a wage. The difference between full time education and work-based training is phenomenal – college can be a very stressful place and you can be left feeling alone with very little support. Working as an apprentice, however, has opened new doors and gives me the support and encouragement I need, allowing me to develop my skills for the future. Working for Plastic Surgeon has allowed me to change my career pathway and I am enjoying working in the real world, dealing with clients and making my own decisions.”

Plastic Surgeon has a successful track record with their commitment to training. Over the last few years, the bespoke NVQ Fine Finisher qualification has had a positive impact upon the industry, reinforcing the value of repair within the construction trade and ensuring that staff recognise the value of the service and represent the industry in the most professional way.

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