Meet Steve Lloyd – our newly promoted operations manager

15th November 2018

Our operational team form the backbone of our business and ensure the efficient delivery of every job.

Regional operations managers make sure we maintain an excellent understanding of our customers’ local needs while still delivering the high standards you’d expect from the UK’s largest repair specialist.

To make sure we continue to offer a reliable, cost-effective and trustworthy service we have recently created an additional regional team, lead by our newly promoted operations manager, Steve Lloyd.

We sat down with Steve to learn more about his new position and growing team.

Steve LloydCongratulations on your new role Steve! Tell us a little about your background and what you did before starting at Plastic Surgeon?

My previous career path was completely unrelated to what I do for Plastic Surgeon now. I was working in shot blasting on petro-chemical engineering sites – the main drawback of which was being constantly on the road and away from home for prolonged periods. Looking for a role that involved operating closer to home, I joined Plastic Surgeon as a finisher. While this position meant I was still out and about attending different jobs – something I enjoyed – there was much less call to be away for any length of time which really suited me.

When did you start at Plastic Surgeon and how has your role evolved?

I started in 2004 as a trainee and then progressed through the ranks as a Grade 1 and Grade 2 finisher, before finally achieving Grade 3 status; the top level. Grade 3 saw me tasked with completing the most complex and challenging of repairs.

Having demonstrated my capabilities at Grade 3, in 2015 I was made Area Senior Finisher (ASF), which saw me overseeing a team of finishers in the West Midlands. This was a developing area for Plastic Surgeon, having previously come under the umbrella of our North West operation. I was tasked with helping to drive the business forward in that area and generate enough work to establish it as a region in its own right – something that’s been enough of a success to require me to step up to Operations Manager (OM).

Describe the day-to-day of your new role as Operations Manager. What does your new role entail?

I’ve only recently started in the role so I’m still finding my feet but I’ve certainly been kept busy so far. In my ASF role, I managed a team of finishers but that man management aspect has stepped up a level. Previously I’d report into an Operations Manager, but now that buck stops with me – it’s an element I’m excited to embrace even if it does put me under a little more pressure! I’m also becoming much more involved with our sales team, helping to assess and provide job estimates, and generally operating at a higher level.

What are the most enjoyable parts of your new position?

I love variety and staying busy, and the new role certainly delivers in that regard. Managing a team is hugely enjoyable and I love sorting out the logistical and problem solving elements too. I also take great satisfaction in achieving goals and reaching targets, so that’s something I’m really keen to drive forward as OM.

It sounds like a complex and full-on role; how do you relax in your spare time?

Family time is key for me, with my wife, Hannah, and my two boys, who are aged 12 and 8. I love spending time with them. And while being a dad might mean my ‘down time’ isn’t actually that relaxed, it does mean my home life is as rewarding as my work life!

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