Preserving our heritage to benefit our future

28th July 2021
Damaged ceramic floor tile repair

Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers is well versed in dealing with a vast assortment of accidental damage covering a wide spectrum of both commercial and domestic situations.

One of the main benefits in engaging in the services of a hard surface repair specialist such as Plastic Surgeon is that we can employ the latest techniques and processes to ensure that damage is restored as effectively as it can be to maintain the overall original look of the damaged item.

Leaving a legacy for future generations

The importance of restoring historical and heritage buildings and their features is something that can often be overlooked, as each original feature has its own story to tell. It is vital that an experienced restoration technique is chosen to ensure that the overall look is maintained and any repair blends in to the current condition of the item. We are always delighted to be asked to restore heritage items that may otherwise be replaced by a modern alternative.


We stand by our core value of integrity and ensure that we use our skills and experience to restore original features that future generations can enjoy and learn from in the future.

Historical value

Older buildings, statues and features are one of the tangible links back to the past. They have a historical and educational value. many having been constructed from solid stone or wood, giving them a character that is difficult to replicate with modern day alternatives.

Cultural significance.Stan Laurel statue repair in North Shields

We are often asked to work on features with  significant historical value that have become damaged, either by general wear and tear or by acts of vandalism. As examples, we have repaired the fingers of Queen Victoria and the hat of Stan Laurel as well as  broken tiles and pillars in a Victorian swimming baths that were being repurposed in central Manchester.

Construction Site Manager Kevin Starkey said:

“This project involved the refurbishment of a Grade II Listed building and so we had to restore the unique original features.  Plastic Surgeon carried out repairs that were detailed and virtually invisible; we simply could not tell where the damage had been. The team did a fantastic job and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a result.”Victorian ceramic tile repair and restoration

Our skilled restoration will ensure that future generations get to enjoy a glimpse of the past

Historical features provide a legacy for the next generation and Plastic Surgeon understand that restoration plays a valuable part in maintaining these significant pieces for many years to come.

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