A sustainable solution to supply chain issues

13th January 2022

As the construction industry faces continuous supply chain challenges, we look at how we are helping our customers overcome the issues by ensuring sites can work effectively using the materials available to them in the most effective way.

Construction industry still facing long supply chain delays.

The widespread material shortages in the UK are finally easing, but brick supplies could face issues going into the new year, the Construction Leadership Council has warned.

Though demand has fallen from the high levels seen earlier this year, supply is still struggling to keep up, according to the CLC’s latest construction products availability statement.

Increased lead time

Lead times for bricks remain an issue going into 2022. Imports are being used to meet the shortfall until new streams of bricks are produced in 2023 and 2024, according to the Brick Development Association.

“Our house build contractors are having to work hard to ensure they get the bricks they need without causing disruption to site “ explains Richard Moreton, Sales Director (House build) at Plastic Surgeon. “ Ongoing supply challenges are expected by the CLC as the demand for brick remains high and lead times are already causing problems for the coming months”

Working in an uncertain climate

The CLC also said that broad levels of uncertainty over the coming months are a cause for concern. The sector has cited a lack of surety over inflation and product prices for materials including steel, cement, bricks and glass, which could be sent northwards by rising energy prices.

There are also widespread concerns that product availability could be affected by an expected rise in coronavirus cases Uncertainty over border arrangements from 2022, including of the UK’s new CA mark, could also hold back the sector.

Using the skills of a fine finishing team allows site work to continue

With constant issues over supply chains, the team at Plastic Surgeon are often asked to use their highly trained brick tinting team to apply their skills at re-colouring vast areas of mismatched brickwork.

Tony Plant, Sales Director,( Construction) explains

“ Our nationwide teams can tint mis-matched brickwork to ensure they seamlessly work within the design. We work on a whole range of surfaces to correct errors in construction or to correct colour differences when supply issues have meant different batches of brinks have had to be used on site. Our work is guaranteed for two years, and the finish will stay looking perfect as weathering beds the brickwork together.

We offer a sustainable solution when facing potential rebuild issues

The option is a sustainable alternative to having to rebuild brickwork, saving both time and money as building schedules are allowed to continue uninterrupted rather than waiting for new supplies. Last year we saved over 16,000 bricks from ending up as landfill waste – so its a great way to cut wastage and improve sustainability.

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