Finding a local solution to a national problem

10th February 2022

All too often, we promote the fact that national companies offer the umbrella protection of large scale security, but, as cultural and economic factors shift, a high priority has been given to developing the capacity of a locally based work force, building stronger relationships and investing in the local economy.
The growing reality is that that procurement professionals actually prefer to source locally.

Building a working relationship

Here at Plastic Surgeon  we are fully aware that our clients like to get to know our teams. It’s vital to build up a working relationship and get to know the expectations and capabilities of our services. We understand the requirements of reacting quickly, the benefits of face-to-face meetings and the advantages of delivering our services in the most cost effective way. We offer the benefits of a national organisation with the advantages of financial security and professional  back office support. Alongside this, our regional  divisions provide a personal touch, ensuring that local teams cover each site and personally build client relationships.

We often receive praise from site managers about the quality of our repairs

“ I just wanted to say what professional guys Paul and Mike are. Nothing was too much trouble for them and their work was of an excellent standard. I don’t say this very often these days, but I would definitely have them in my house.
You have two operatives that are at the height of their game ,and I am sure your company are very proud to have them on board.
Today, in this industry of ours, People Skills are a very important tool to have whilst dealing with a multitude of trades, and Paul and Mike have them in abundance.
It was my pleasure to work with them during these weeks and I look forward to working with them real soon. Again, thanks for a fantastic job.” 


We operate from 16 local divisions

Our workforce of over 200 finishers is divided into 16 regions, each one consisting of a team of local finishers and a dedicated Area Operations Manager. Our team of Regional Sales Managers cover a divisional area, where their local connections and knowledge ensures that they keep in touch with everything happening within their area.

Tony Plant, Sales Director, (Construction) from Plastic Surgeon explains…

” We are aware that our national and local clients are continuously looking for ways to make their business more effective as we all work within these challenging times. The construction industry is working hard to maintain and strengthen their supply chains, seeking cost-effective solutions to streamline their productivity levels. By dividing our teams into 16 sub areas, we provide that local service that is so important to many of our clients. We are always on hand to react quickly, employing local staff who understand the regional differences and ensuring that we maintain  consistency in the teams.”

Advantages of sourcing local teams of professionals:


In our industry, you never know when teams will be called upon or when a challenge will arise – procurement need to be confident that they are hiring a team that they can trust with the ability to carry out the work to the highest level. Our customers need to be confident in the ability of the team they are hiring, so consistency of staff and co-ordination of a local team are key factors in employing a sub-contractor that can consistently meet these demands.


The further you are away from the elements of the supply chain, the less control you have over them. Site management appreciate a site visit or regular drop-in meeting to address any concerns and ensure all works are running smoothly. Having  regular local contact ensures requests or feedback isn’t ‘lost in translation ‘ and ensures a good working relationship is maintained.


Localising the supply chain represents a tremendous opportunity to help the environment. Hiring Plastic Surgeon offers a great benefit to customers, as the work we do ensures landfill waste is reduced and time and money is saved by our skills in repairing site damage. Collectively we save over 4000 tonnes of landfill waste each year, so sites are able to contribute to their CSR by employing our services. This saving is enhanced by the fact that the team are generally based within a 40 mile radius of site and so emissions and energy savings in travel are made by employing  a team within the local area.


We are proud that our teams cover the whole of mainland Britain but never underestimate the importance of staying local and building a close working relationship with our regional customers.

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