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14th April 2021
Brick repairs and tinting

Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers is the UK's largest and most trusted repair solution, working on construction and house build sites across the UK. Employing over 200 professionally trained finishers, teams of staff can work on-site managing projects that are close to completion or restoring accidental site damage caused by sub-contractors.

For services such as ours, it can sometimes be tricky to effectively market our skills and make new clients understand that our services can enhance their business, make them more efficient and get the job finished in a professional and cost-effective way.


Every Site Manager has a goal to get the job finished on time, on budget, and to a high standard and it is often the case that the services of Plastic Surgeon can help achieve all three of these goals at the snagging stage when often time pressures and a tight budget seem like the site is really up against it.

Tony Plant is the newly appointed Sales Director (Construction) at Plastic Surgeon and explains how bringing in a team of highly skilled finishers can help a site reach its final goal and get the job over the finish line.

“We can quickly get a team onsite to troubleshoot all the last-minute knocks, cracks and damage that is often holding up completion of a project. We are often called in by a harassed site manager, asking us to make a sweep of a site to ensure the end client is happy with the final finish.

It is my job to reassure new clients that our guys have the skill and expert knowledge to take on any number of cosmetic repairs to hard surfaces that will allow the construction team to get on with their own skilled jobs and not waste time trying to repair damage which we are better equipped to do.”


Understanding the skills of a fine finishing company is often only realised by seeing work in progress and Plastic Surgeon are always willing to carry out a site demo so that a skeptical site team can see for themselves what an advantage it is to leave damage restoration up to an expert.

“Site managers are often amazed at the level of finish we can achieve to a repair that otherwise could require a replacement fitting. Time and time again, I am amazed at the skills of our finishers who can recover accidental damage that otherwise would take valuable resources to replace. I love to see the look on the face of the foreman when he sees what we can achieve, and it makes my day when he gets what we do and sees the advantages of using us.”

Chipped tile repair

Chipped tile repair

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