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Halloween repairs ‘explosion’

Halloween repairs ‘explosion’

Halloween repairs ‘explosion’

At Plastic Surgeon, most of our repair work comes from collateral damage done by tradesmen on building sites, as well as wear and tear, and the minor accidents down to individual home and business owners, who – all year round – will inevitably drop objects onto surfaces that subsequently require our expert finishing skills.

But there is another epicenter for damage on the calendar that we will be exploring in much more detail in the future, following research from Santander Home Insurance, which revealed that UK households suffer damage worth an estimated £1.4 billion as a result of Halloween and Bonfire Night – a period dubbed ‘’.

A fifth of all UK homes have been targeted in the past, with the average repair bill reaching £273 per household. The damage was caused by a range of actions, including graffiti, paint bombs and firecrackers through letterboxes and even theft.

The most common cause of damage, which has affected 2.5 million (10 per cent) British homes, is eggs being thrown. Around 1.5 million (6 per cent) households have also had their garden plants and fences damaged or removed. Property damage due to fireworks and sparklers (3 per cent), hosting a house party (2 per cent) and items posted through letter boxes (2 per cent) also contribute to the nation’s colossal repair bill from what are supposed to be celebrations.

Richard Al-Dabbagh, from Santander Insurance, said: “These are annual traditions that the public should be able to enjoy without feeling their home or personal wellbeing is under threat, but this doesn’t change the fact that the risk of crime and accidents is elevated during ‘mischief week’’’.

Okay, you will always get the criminal element trying to profit from any festivity or event, but we know only too well at Plastic Surgeon how easily accidents happen.

As a result, more and more insurance companies are using our repair services, as they have come to appreciate how much easier and more cost-effective it is for us to substrates and contents rather than replace them. Thus doing a service in helping to keep insurance premiums lower and more affordable.

Our interventions might range from a ‘smart repair’ where a door or window frame is scratched by some part of a trick-or-treater’s costume, such as a witch’s broomstick; or we could end up carrying out a much bigger brick-tinting operation where paint has disfigured an area of wall. Last year on of our Finishers even had to make good fire damage to the wall of two flats where a barbeque had burned up through the wooden decking of the balcony.

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