Specialist homeowner qualification launched

25th June 2018
Happy customer and finisher

Thanks to increased demand amidst an ever-growing domestic market, we are investing in a specialist homeowner qualification. Working alongside our in-house training team, we are continuing to redefine how the fine finishing service is delivered to the homeowner market.

Our finishers historically work across all sectors from house build to construction, the growing interest in homeowner works has provided the opportunity for a more formalised qualification of the inter-personal skills required to operate in this marketplace. Often requiring a more individual approach, with an emphasis on customer relations and flexibility, the entire sector is now solely serviced by our specialist homeowner finishers.

This specialist homeowner qualification builds on our renewed investment in staff training and sits alongside our newly created NVQ to ensure we’re always offering the best level of service to all our customers.

Homeowner team leader, Karen Ellis-Hurford commented “We’re very excited about launching this new homeowner qualification across the country. With specialist homeowner finishers, we’re able to deliver the best experience for customers inside their home. Aftercare advice is also a big concern for homeowners, our specialist team will be able to offer guidance and provide customers with our brand-new aftercare guide to make sure repairs last well into the future”.

Ensuring the best possible service and experience

The benefits of a specialist homeowner qualification are vast and include:

  • Experience – through customer relations trainings our highly skilled finishers can provided an excellent experience, whilst also making it possible to handle the more complex situations that occur within the home.
  • Flexibility – a specialist team means we can offer a more flexible appointment booking process, repairing damage at short notice.
  • Service – working inside a customer’s home requires extra care and careful consideration, with the need to keep them both informed and happy. A specially trained team enables us to deliver the best possible service to customers.

The type of repairs that our homeowner finishers will most commonly deal with include worktops (solid wood, stone and laminate), shower trays, baths, UPVC, doors, cupboards and tiles.

The creation of a specific qualification was influenced by several factors. With requirements of homeowners very different to those operating in a business capacity, providing a consistent level of customer experience across the country is essential, while also ensuring demand is met. Alongside this, our finishers need to have an in-depth understanding of aftercare advice to ensure they’re well equipped to deal with questions from homeowners. Given the nature of the homeowner market, a more flexible approach to appointments was also required – something that only a specialist team can offer.

You can find out more about our homeowner services and get in touch here.

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