Start the new year with sustainable goals

6th January 2021

In our throwaway society, our culture is often to find an instant solution, but we must all consider our future on this planet and make ecological choices in our efforts to become more sustainable.

COVID-19 is having a huge effect on the whole world and, for most of us, life has significantly changed, prompting us all to think about our own habits and giving us the impetus to make some big lifestyle changes.

New year – new goals

The start of a new year offers a unique opportunity for us all to motivate ourselves into making positive changes that will benefit us, both now and into the next generation. So, when considering resolutions for the year ahead, think about the way that you can be more sustainable both in your home and your work situation.

With 33% of us reporting that we are more aware of our environmental impact post the 2020 lockdown and with over 64% of Britons looking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, attitudes are heading in the right direction.

How can we improve our green footprint?

There are many small, yet effective actions we can all implement to help reduce our carbon footprint. These include walking rather than taking public transport, changing our diet to a more plant-based menu, and ensuring we use a re-usable coffee cup rather than add to the 7 million disposable cups we discard each day. How about having a massive digital clear out on our computer files – did you know if we all sent one less email a day, we would save 16,433 tonnes of carbon each year – that’s equivalent to over 80,000 flights to Spain!

Take a moment to consider restoration over replacement on many hard surface damage repairs in both the domestic and workplace situation. It is estimated that an astonishing 22 million items of household fixtures and fittings are thrown away each year in Britain.

In a survey by London Waste Authority, it revealed that fewer than 1 in 10 people attempt to repair damaged household items, choosing to replace them as a matter of course. 23% of respondents stated that they thought it was simply easiest to replace items, whilst a further 22% said they did not know how to get them repaired.

Before /After pictures of bath edge damage

Plastic Surgeon is the UK’s leading hard surface repair specialist, providing a nationwide network of experts who visit household or commercial properties to restore damage – reviving existing fittings or repairing cracks, surface burns, and damage that means the item can continue to be serviceable and is restored to its original finish. With one visit, over 80% of surface damage repairs can be restored, meaning that many million household items could be saved from landfill waste.


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