What makes us a winning partnership?

23rd November 2020

We are thrilled to have been awarded Claims Initiative of the Year - Outsourced Partner - in the 2020 British Insurance Awards in association with The Insurance Post. These are amongst the most prestigious industry awards and Plastic Surgeon is delighted to have scoped one of the major awards of the event.


The judges in the BIA 2020 praised our adaptability and professionalism throughout the year and our strong commitment to helping our clients become more sustainable in their efforts to save landfill wastage in the management of their claims.


As the UK’s leading surface repair specialist within the insurance industry, Plastic Surgeon work with insurers focusing on restoring surface damage claims rather than offering an automatic replacement as a solution.

The benefits of this service are numerous: it is far less intrusive, saving both costs and time as well as improving sustainability by reducing landfill and material wastes. We continue to educate customers and the industry on the endless benefits of restoration over replacement and its positive impact on the environment


The industry continues to be under increasing strain, facing rising costs, the pressure to reduce cycle times and improve the customer journey and, as claims become increasingly complex, this pressure is exuberated further.

Plastic Surgeon identified that there was a real opportunity to change the way that insurers approach claims. A replacement first approach to handling claims was the industry standard so we have invested time in raising awareness about a restoration first approach to the management of claims.

Our approach can greatly reduce the claim life cycle and the overall claim cost – and as claim lifecycles are the largest impact on customer satisfaction ratings – greatly increase customer satisfaction, whilst offering impactful sustainability credentials.

Lauren Robson, our Insurance Services Account Manager was delighted by the win;

“The success of Plastic Surgeon really is a team effort and there are many people who work hard to ensure that we carry out a professional service, worthy of this award.
It gives us the opportunity to highlight the services that we offer and make claims handlers aware of the extent of our capabilities.
From small jobs to a cracked tile right up to complete kitchen reworks following extensive flood damage, the skills of Plastic Surgeon finishers using the very latest technology means that we can repair over 80% of surface damage repairs, taking items back to their original condition without the need for disruption and the costs associated with replacement.
Amongst the benefits to both insurers and the claimants are the reduced claim lifecycle, the minimal disruption and the speed at which repairs can be made, often with just one quick visit by one of our team, vital during these difficult times when homeowners are wary of visitors entering their property”


  • We reported a record year in 2019 with a 25% growth overall, and a massive 47% increase in the insurance market alone.
  • Over a 12 month period we completed 936,000 individual repairs, saving 4,378 tonnes of landfill waste.
  • We save an average of £1,127 per claim against the equivalent replacement cost
  • We have been awarded the Gold Standard Feefo award for consistent customer satisfaction and are always delighted to receive positive feedback from clients, astonished with the quality of our repairs.


Testimonials from some of our clients speak for themselves

“We chose to work with Plastic Surgeon after understanding the obvious benefits that can be achieved from their restoration approach. This includes a huge reduction in cycle times, improved customer satisfaction and reduction in costs. Offering our customers, the choice of how their claim is settled is another huge added benefit of working with Plastic Surgeon.”


“The partnership with Plastic Surgeon will see us providing quicker and less expensive solutions for surface repairs, speeding up our ability to settle claims and ultimately benefiting both brokers and customers. Sustainability is a key focus for our business and I’m really pleased that this partnership aligns with our company objectives by providing a more environmentally friendly solution that wastes fewer materials. We have extended this partnership across casualty, commercial property, and household claims and will be closely monitoring the progress to see if it can be rolled out to other parts of the business”.


“Brilliant! We were very uncertain when our insurer sought this solution for our damaged worktop, but the excellent customer service and the workmanship of the staff was really very good indeed. We can’t believe how good the result is”

 Founded in 1995, Plastic Surgeon delivers specialist repair services to the UK’s largest construction firms, housebuilders, insurers, and homeowners nationwide. In Nov 2020, Plastic Surgeon won Claims Initiative of the Year – Outsourced partner in the British Insurance Awards in association with The Insurance Post 

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