Working with partners to reduce the impact on the environment

23rd November 2021

Plastic Surgeon Fine Finishers is the UK's largest and most trusted hard surface repair solution. It's our business to work towards a more sustainable society.

In the news

Plastic Surgeon, a Polygon-owned business, is the UK’s largest surface repair specialist. The company was recently featured in a blog by Zurich Insurance Group, a global leader in property, casualty, and life insurance products.

Working together to reduce the impact on the environment

In the blog, Zurich highlights its commitment to reducing its impact on the planet and showcases the partnership with Plastic Surgeon as one way in which it is fulfilling its ambition to be one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world.

Policyholders are increasingly demanding more environmentally sustainable ways to manage claims, as well as making the process as simple as possible. Zurich highlights Plastic Surgeon’s sustainable damage management approach as one which addresses those wider policyholder demands, making them an attractive partner.

Using the latest industry techniques to work on a large variety of repairs

With skilled finishers using state of the art technology to deliver a high-quality restoration process, repairs are carried out quickly on site, mitigating the delays, cost and environmental impact of replacement

As Zurich quotes;

 “They (Plastic Surgeon) are so accomplished at what they do. They can tackle a multitude of services and colour-match the final look to perfection. So, whether something’s chipped, cracked or stained, they have the restorative solution to make it look as good as new.”

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