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Mobile Finisher and VisibilITy improve cosmetic repair service

Mobile Finisher and VisibilITy improve cosmetic repair service

The bespoke software, which runs on a digital hand held computer, enables all our finishers to receive details of work requests within minutes of the order being placed at head office.Not only does this software greatly improve our response time but also improves our data accuracy. Any updates on the progress of an order are instantly fed back into our head office systems within minutes.

This month has seen the release of a new and improved version of Mobile Finisher that not only allows all our field staff to record detailed repair information but also to take before and after pictures of their cost saving repairs.

The before and after pictures are automatically sent back to head office over the mobile phone network and can be included on the work completion record which all customers receive on completion of the job.

VisibilITy – Our VisibilITy reporting centre gives real time data of every repair we carry out. Our finishers collect information via the ‘Mobile Finisher software, which feeds into VisibilITy and automatically updates customer records as soon as a job is completed.

  • Report on finishing costs and savings for past and current projects
  • Improve forecasting by calculating costs per repair
  • View landfill savings by site, project, item or project manager
  • View invoices and statistics on every repiar job.

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