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Adding the finishing touches to Renaker’s Water Street site

Adding the finishing touches to Renaker’s Water Street site

Adding the finishing touches to Renaker’s Water Street site

Plastic Surgeon has assisted Renaker Build Ltd one of the North West’s leading property developers with post-build repairs in a new development of apartments on Water Street in Manchester.

The UK’s leading supplier of specialist surface repair was initially asked to display its skillset during a demonstration last November, where a one day repair job was carried out by a team of Plastic Surgeon’s Fine Finishers. The resulting work left Renaker very impressed and the firm consequently are in further talks with Plastic Surgeon regarding future project works across its growing pipeline of apartments across the city.

At first, Plastic Surgeon was called into repair veneer doors and floors within the Water Street site, as Renaker hadn’t realised the full breadth of the capability of Plastic Surgeon’s repair technicians. Initially, other firms were tasked with repairing stainless-steel sinks, windows and baths within the apartments, however as soon as Renaker realised that Plastic Surgeon was capable of repairing the full spectrum of cosmetic surface damage, it asked the firm’s Fine Finishers to take on the rest of the project’s repair work.

During the course of construction and renovation, there is always requirement for surface repair as, inevitably given the busy nature of construction projects and working sites, items are often dented, scratched and damaged over the course of work that can take several months to complete. Plastic Surgeon’s team specialises in this type of repair, ensuring that when the time is right for client handover, the development is looking pristine – truly reflecting the fact it’s a newly finished project.

With Plastic Surgeon being highly skilled in all forms of surface repair and with a wide variety of repairs required, a large resource was subsequently needed to get the job done – and periodically, a team of up to 10 finishers worked on the Water Street site across a 6-month period.

During this time, Renaker and Plastic Surgeon developed an excellent working relationship, with workers on site from both firms complementing each other’s skillset, working together in harmony and ensuring the work was completed efficiently. Towards the end of the project and the final handover period, where the apartments needed to receive the necessary polish to make them perfect ahead of Renaker’s clients being given access to them, Plastic Surgeon put in extra hours, working late shifts to ensure the project was finalised in time.

Chris Law of Renaker said of working with Plastic Surgeon: “The relationship we’ve developed with Plastic Surgeon has been extremely rewarding and we’re very impressed with their capabilities. Looking at some of the repairs they carry out, on the face of it you wouldn’t think it would be possible and would presume a new item was required at considerable cost. However, the guys on site do incredible work and in most instances, you wouldn’t even know a repair had ever been required. In busy construction sites, where accidents inevitably happen, this repair capability is an invaluable skill to be able to bring in and we’re delighted with the work that Plastic Surgeon has done.”

The Water Street project has enabled Plastic Surgeon to properly demonstrate its capabilities and the firm is looking forward to working with Renaker on future projects going forward.

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