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New recruits needed for award winning repair team

As we at Plastic Surgeon keep saying, it’s not all bad out there for the construction industry; we can report that more and more businesses and individuals are discovering our repair expertise and that, as a result, we are on yet another recruitment drive for fully employed permanent staff. This time, we are looking to recruit in the Aberdeen area, as well as inside the M25 in London. But, of course, because we are a truly national company, anyone coming to work with us would be able to locate to one of seven of our regions across the country, so we’re pretty flexible. The only thing we require from a potential Finisher is that he or she isn’t colour blind, being that the vast majority of the repairs we undertake require skillful colour matching on all sorts of substrates including kitchen worktops – granite, marble, composite and timber; the various hues of white found in cracked sinks, baths and toilets, for example, presenting a particular challenge. Other than that, no special experience is needed to train as a Finisher – we provide all the initial training and mentoring, plus we actively encourage career progression, with the chance to start as a trainee and work up to a highly skilled Grade 3 Finisher. Or you can move into Sales or Operations Management, so there are plenty of opportunities for those working with us to have a varied and interesting career. But, as a Finisher, we can promise you that every working day is different. On one shift you might find yourself reshaping some twisted uPVC guttering with a heat gun; the next, getting out some fine sable brushes to replicate the grain of timber or marble; you could be asked to go up in a cherry picker, polishing out scratches on cladding outside a supermarket. Our teams get everywhere even into MOD establishments and famous museums while recently we have had pairs of Finishers off aboard cruise liners mending spa pools and shower trays in the private cabins. In fact we task our Finishers with carrying out work everywhere from Premiership football stadiums, private homes, building sites and hotels or health clubs – no two days are the same. All we want from you is commitment and enthusiasm. In return, you’ll get a van, new equipment and uniform, plus full H&S training; as well as the chance to learn new skills and enjoy financial security through decent pay and our generous bonus scheme. … and who knows … if you take the Aberdeen post, you may even win the Scottish team’s competition for the cleanest and best kitted out van – if you can beat the early favourite’s fitted carpets and bespoke lighting…

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