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Increase customer satisfaction – Reduce claims life-cycles – Control costs

When a claim for accidental damage or vandalism has been lodged with an insurance company, the most cost effective solution may well be for the insurer to call Plastic Surgeon.

Repairing damage, both internally and externally, eliminates the costs and delays associated with replacement. And in terms of insurance, these savings are hugely beneficial.

Our nationwide team deals with all kinds of damage repairs, from graffiti and paint removal where damage has been proved to be a result of vandalism. To accidental damage inside and outside the home, for example chipped worktops, dented doors and even fire damaged surfaces.

Several major insurance companies such as Aviva and Axa have national agreements with us. We have a UK based call centre where customers’ requirements are logged into our controlled order system and distributed to our Finishers via our bespoke handheld computer system. Quotes and repair orders are accurately and quickly processed and passed direct to the customers or their insurance company.

Specialist repairs in occupied and unoccupied properties include:

  • Accidental damage to household surfaces
  • Damage caused by break-ins
  • Damage caused by vandalism
  • Graffiti removal
  • Paint removal

We provide insurers with a complete same day, end-to-end service and our nationwide rapid response teams have the capacity to react to surge.

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I have had to get the work done through my own insurance company while matters are sorted out. Happily though, they called in Plastic Surgeon and they have done a really good job.

Where there were pieces of the fascia that had broken away, they have patched them and you cannot even see where the join is. They have worked really hard getting all the dirt off from the fire – cleaning and polishing – and I am really pleased with the way it all looks. Even where the scaffold had to be erected, my newly laid drive and decking were all protected so that there were no marks. It is a brilliant service.

Mrs Cain, Canvey Island.

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Our services are used by a diverse range of organisations throughout the UK, who all recognise the cost and time saving benefits of repairing over replacing.

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We repair everything from scratched shower trays and chipped worktops to damaged sinks and baths. Read FAQs and use our ‘Interactive Repair Map’.