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Brick repair

Damage to brick can spoil the whole appearance of a feature. Brick can become damaged over time, and its restoration is not always straightforward. In older buildings, weathering is a problem, and what were once sharp lines can become indistinct. Anyone looking to repair the brick in an older building will also have the problem of colour matching a substrate that has mellowed.

With both new and old buildings, the freeze-thaw cycle of water lying in the seams or detailing of brick inevitably causes fragments of it to break away, leaving behind elevations that can look dilapidated and uncared for as a result.

Pollution and graffiti are also problems that, even if removed, can leave the treated surface looking completely different in hue to the untreated brick.

Our cosmetic brick repair service gives you peace of mind that on completion of the job, your brickwork will match and you don't have to put up with structural repairs which are time consuming and costly.

Surfaces under Brick repair


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