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Ceramic & enamel repair

Whether in domestic bathrooms or commercial premises such as swimming pools, Plastic Surgeon's Finishers can repair cracks, chips and gouges to floor and wall tiles, baths, basins, sinks and toilets, as well as bidets and shower trays. This includes addressing enamel as well as ceramic substrates.
Repairing the damage in-situ removes the need to employ the trades associated with total replacement: thus saving time, money and disruption; as well as the unsustainable disposal of the damaged item to landfill.

Surfaces under Ceramic & enamel repair


Typical ceramic damage: Chips, Cracks, Holes, Scratches, Discolouration Typical ceramic ...
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Typical enamel damage: Chips, Cracks, Star Cracks, Stains, Scuffs & Abrasion, Scratches, ...
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