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Glass & glazing repair

Our NEW Diamond Glass Polisher is the unobtrusive, efficient and professional way to banish scratches on glass.

Old glass polishing systems are wet, messy, slow and very localised, due to the small pads and the use of water. They often cause distortion due to the heat created through using small pads along with a high gear ratio of polisher.


Our new improved system gives you the following benefits:

Dry system is quiet with no mess and minimal dust.

Less friction with minimal heat means no distortion and no more bottle bases!

5" diamond pads polish multiple scratches in one area rapidly.

Time efficient system is very cost-effective.

We can repair:

Toughened and laminated glass
Tinted glass
Table tops
Display cases

We can't repair:

Patterned glass
Coated glass
Scratches that sit less than 50mm from the edge or the corner
Large cracks and large chips.

VIDEO: Glass polishing training

Surfaces under Glass & glazing repair


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