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Plastic, uPVC & GRP repair

Despite the valid claims that plastic, GRP and, in particular, uPVC are almost infinitely recyclable, Plastic Surgeon maintains that repair is a more sustainable approach to replacement; with our Finishers being equipped and trained to address scratches, cracks, holes and other damage.

Then utilizing the fact that uPVC has an inherent 'memory', our Finishers often apply gentle heat to restore twisted window profiles and other products to their original shape.

Cills, shower trays, cladding and conservatory frames are amongst the building elements regularly saved from the skip by our Finishers filling and smoothing back. Most commonly found in white but a variety of surface textures and colours are available. The good news is that we can repair them all.

Surfaces under Plastic, uPVC & GRP repair

Fibre Glass

Typical fibreglass damage: Chips, Cracks, Splits, Scuffs & Abrasion, Scratches, ...
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Typical GRP damage: Scratches, Splits, Cracks, Gouges, Holes, Scuffs & Abrasion, Stains, ...
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